Welcome to Defawes,
the specialist in gears and gearboxes

Defawes is a gear factory like no other. With over 100 years of experience, we deliver one-of-a-kind gears for the after-market or small series for OEM’s.

Our services include:

  • Gear manufacturer with almost no limit in size and module.
  • Design of new, one of a kind, gearboxes.
  • Reverse engineering of existing gearboxes.
  • Segmented girth gears with diameters of 16 meter and more.
  • Pinions for rotary kilns & ball mills with the shortest delivery time and highest accuracy on the market.
  • High level engineering services for new designs, improvements or verification calculations.
  • Spare parts and revision of any type, any brand of gearbox.
  • On-site services for measuring, supervision and asset management for open and closed gearing.
  • Urgency service for delivering spare parts in case of an unexpected shutdown or standstill.